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The YOEL HELPS Organization Inc, a Non-Profit (501c3) community focused organization, positively impacts and improves the lives of economically disadvantaged communities by offering solutions that empower, support and connect them to a greater purpose. 



Darwin Burks aka YO'EL, a resident of South Metro Atlanta, and business owner of twenty plus years is the husband of Shontel Burks and father of two adult children.  


YO'EL, earned his BS degree in Network & Communications Management, is a Master Technology Instructor, Systems Consultant, Music DJ, and Advocate for homeless solutions. YO'EL and volunteers have served the homeless population of Atlanta since 2016 both independent and alongside other community solution organizations. 

In 2022 Abba-YAH (God) directed the outreach operation to include low-income communities. This new directive and operation were appropriately named YO'EL HELPS. In offering activity-based engagements, to include youth day camps, business and personal development courses, onsite concerts, health fairs, neighborhood clean-ups, elderly care and more has YO'EL HELPS been able to foster a more enriched relationship in the communities they serve. These relationships give space for ministry, job training, healing and community impact for YAH's glory. 

YO'EL HELPS aims to make a positive kingdom-focused impact upon countless communities by partnering with like-minded community servants so as to serve those in need by providing career-based opportunities through skills-learning, leadership and entrepreneurial training, youth mentoring and community connection. 



Providing community impact through action, connection and involvement. 



Our mission is to impact the lives of those less served by providing services of compassion to those in need of human care.  



Our vision is to change lives through service so that all would witness the compassion of The Most High YAH. 


Our goal is to reach over 100,000,000 people for HaMashiach (Christ) through the application and gift of helps. 

Faith Declaration

We are a Messianic Torah observant operation with a passion for kingdom-focused community outreach and evangelism executed through the service of helps. 


Our Service of Care directive defines who we are and our plan to accomplish each within the communities we serve: 



CommunityCare is our directive to remain community connected. We accomplish this by hosting community concerts, health & fitness fairs, business networking events, gardening education, movie nights, community breakfasts and creative engagements. 


HomelessCare is our directive to provide resources to the unsheltered. We accomplish this by the distribution of food, water, blankets, clothing and hygiene kits coupled with employment training, shelter and housing. 


PrisonCare (In progress) 

PrisonCare is our directive to encourage and positively impact incarcerated persons. We accomplish this by visiting their facilities and hosting workshops, motivational speaking and positive role model mentoring. 


SeniorCare is our directive to remain socially connected to our aging seniors. We accomplish this by hosting creative activities, exercise and dance while visiting their senior living communities.


VeteranCare is our directive in providing veterans solutions. We accomplish this by connecting veterans with our Veteran Affairs solution partners.


YouthCare is our directive in impacting at-risk youth. We accomplish this by hosting youth programs that mentor, motivate and inspire youth to be better members of their community. This includes day camps, music events, city tours and hands-on activities. 

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