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Our eLearning platform is provided free to our homeless and low income communities. Our three-fold approach is:

  1. To offer free learning solutions.

  2. To provide an easy-to-access web learning portal.

  3. To uphold our mission in positively impacting homeless and low- income communities.

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Our e-learning inventory includes:

​​Career Development

Active Listening

Advanced Writing Skills

Becoming a Better Learner

Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills

Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge

Business Writing That Works

Communication Strategies

Conducting Accurate Internet Research

Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public

Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio

Creating Winning Proposals

Creative Thinking and Innovation

Critical Elements of Customer Service

Critical Thinking

Developing Your Executive Presence

Emotional Intelligence 

Fostering Innovation

Getting Stuff Done: Personal Development Boot Camp

Getting Your Job Search Started

Goal Setting

Honing and Delivering Your Message

Idenfifying and Combatting Fake News

Influence and Persuasion

Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming

Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance

Mastering the Interview

Networking for Success

NLP Tools for Real Life

Personal Brand: Maximizing Personal Impact

Project Management: All You Need to Know

Project Planning: All You Need to Know

Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School

Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure

Research Skills


Skills for the Administrative Assistant

Skills You Need for Workplace Success

The Minute Taker's Workshop

Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance

Working Smarter: Using Technology to Your Advantage

Working with the Media

Writing Reports and Proposals

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